Indian Culture Centre in Stockholm (ICCS) – Our Vision.

The vision of Indian Culture Centre, with base in Sweden, is to aggregate available resources and energies to establish a single platform for social-political-cultural exchanges between Indian and the countries of Scandinavia. toppic

Considering the strong interest among the people of this region for the very vibrant and diverse Indian culture; there is a need to promote Indian culture through a platform which will give insights to hundreds of century old Indian civilization and attract more eyes to the development of India. The Indian Culture Centre in Sweden will organize a wide range of cultural events at its premises, showcasing Indian music, dance, films and theatre, including events showcasing variety of festivals of India.

We firmly believe that the proposed cultural Centre will serve as window into the composite culture of India to Scandinavian countries which include Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden.


Indian Culture Center Scandinavia
Post Address
Bergalidan 17,
172 70 Sundbyberg
Contact: 073 947 05 01

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