Welcome to The Indian Culture Center in Stockholm

Indian Cultural Centre in Stockholm (ICCS) is the representation and initiative of Indian expatriate community for the purpose of advancement of social and cultural activities of the Indian community in The Nordics / Scandinavia.

ICCS is also the platform to serve the interest of thousands of Indians residing in The Nordic countries, consisting of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden . The proclaimed objective of ICCS includes promoting the rich Indian culture among Nordic nationals and expatriates of all other nationalities living in The Nordics. Further, ICCS is commited to strengthen the deep-rooted Indo-Nordic friendship and cultural relationship..

Ms. Preeti Singh, Director ICCS
Ms. Preeti Singh, Director ICCS
Prima Singh - Assistant Director ICCS

Prima Singh – Assistant Director ICCS


Indian Culture Center Scandinavia
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Bergalidan 17,
172 70 Sundbyberg
Contact: 073 947 05 01
Epost: culturedpreeti@gmail.com

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